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Executive Coaching

Successful business leaders frequently benefit from independent and insightful advice and support.  Executive coaching provides alternative perspectives and new ideas to enhance a leader’s capacity to meet a wide variety of challenges.  Several studies have indicated large returns on investment figures for executive coaching - in the range of several hundred percent.  


Top performance rarely arises from an individual's unsupported solo efforts.  Indeed, psychological research has shown that observers often wrongly attribute exceptional behaviour to the individual, when in reality the environment has had a powerful, if sometimes unseen, impact.  This phenomenon is referred to as the fundamental attribution error.

‘If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves...’


Thomas Edison

Coaching is one key element in an executive’s environment that can make subtle, yet crucial, differences influencing their overall prospects for success.  Hence, supportive environmental influences, including high quality coaching, can be an indispensable asset.  Few successful athletes achieve elite standards without coaching, and so achieving and sustaining superior executive performance has parallels with top level sport.  


​As a former academic psychologist, my own research team made significant contributions to the understanding of occupational stressors.  We demonstrated how interpersonal relationships influence health parameters and even productivity ( 

I also specialise in helping to generate innovative solutions to problems.  This has helped clients overcome some seemingly intractable challenges, and thereby provides added value.  

‘Most of us would rather be hurt by flattery than helped by criticism.’


Laurence Peter


The key elements of effective executive coaching are:


1)    Independent perspectives and advice

2)    Innovative problem solving 

3)    Confidential personal support  


The executive coaching programmes I offer derive from two key fields: 


a)    Evidence-based principles of cognitive behavioural theory and practice 

b)    Insights derived from evolutionary psychology, with parallels to economic systems 


This multi-faceted approach serves to identify and counterbalance covert cognitive biases, thereby facilitating more accurate perceptions of challenges, both present and future.  


The process begins with the client and coach agreeing to work towards a series of goals.  The coach can help to develop the executive’s vision, clarify business strategies and assist with designing implementation.  


The format of executive coaching sessions can range from that of an Oxbridge-style tutorial / supervision, to an informal discussion, depending entirely upon the client's preferences and requirements.  In all cases, full confidentiality is maintained throughout.  


The executive coaching I provide is designed to enhance: 

  • Effective leadership 

  • Self-confidence and appropriate assertiveness

  • Interpersonal communication and negotiation 

  • Team management, conflict resolution, mediation and motivation 

  • Creativity and problem-solving skills


I also specialise in helping to generate innovative solutions to problems, which can represent a worthwhile additional contribution.  


In consequence, executives can function more effectively, releasing their own creativity, to develop effective strategies for themselves and their organisations.  This naturally fosters a well-founded sense of deep confidence and resilience going forward.  


Sessions are available face-to-face, by video-conferencing, or by phone.  


Please feel free to contact me for an initial discussion of your requirements.  

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‘The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough 
to enable him to put the other somewhat higher’.


Thomas Huxley

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