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Research in the human sciences broadens and deepens our understanding of human nature and underpins medical and technological advance.


As a former academic psychologist, my research interests centred around two main themes: occupational health psychology and evolutionary psychology.

I supervised six doctoral research students who successfully completed their PhDs.  These were mostly co-supervised by my friend and colleague Professor Trevor Hussey, with the degrees awarded by Brunel University.  

'Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.'


Thomas Henry Huxley

Media Articles Quoting My Work

‘Men choose beauty before age’ - New Scientist

     New Scientist

'The lure of the older woman' - BBC News:

     BBC News

'Hey, good lookin’ - New Scientist

     New Scientist

'Family comes first' - New Scientist

    New Scientist


‘Work stress’ - New Scientist

     New Scientist

Human Instinct - BBC 1 

     BBC1 - Human Instinct

The Mating game - BBC Science & Nature 

     BBC Science & Nature

‘Unfair bosses make blood pressure soar’ - New Scientist

     New Scientist

‘Aggressive e-mail health threat' - BBC News

     BBC News


‘Pain all relative, scientists say’ - BBC News

     BBC News

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