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From time to time, virtually everyone will experience life events that cause significant distress.  Such events may be of recent origin, or they may have occurred many years ago.  Sometimes people can interpret events in ways that lead to greater suffering that necessary.  


In any of these circumstances, psychotherapy can help to alleviate the misery.  Psychotherapy is the practice of helping people who feel troubled, by means of psychological methods. 


The best psychotherapy is motivated by compassion and utilises safe, effective and reliable techniques in a friendly, professional and co-operative setting.  It’s fundamental to the process, to help clients feel secure, valued and in overall control.  It’s also positive if they find the sessions interesting and empowering.

'The stronger person is not the one making the most noise but the one who can quietly direct the conversation toward defining and solving problems.' 


Aaron T. Beck 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

When consulting a professional for any purpose, it’s basic that the process should achieve a desirable outcome. 


CBT is a scientific form of psychotherapy and is the most rigorously researched approach available.  The effectiveness of CBT in helping people to deal with a broad spectrum of psychological difficulties has been demonstrated by many carefully conducted scientific studies.  CBT is based on the understanding that our thoughts affect how we feel and act.  


Initially, the client and cognitive therapist agree upon a series of positive goals.  A shared understanding is then developed of the present difficulties, their probable causes, and how they are maintained.  Identifying unreasonable, often self-undermining, thoughts and behaviours is an important part of this process.  


Subsequently, a series of straightforward strategies are jointly devised.  The client is then encouraged to try out some new techniques in their daily life and to note the consequences.  This encourages the development of more realistic and positive attitudes.  Then by practising these better reasoned and more adaptive thoughts and behaviours, a happier and healthier approach can be established.  

'Psychology is not just the study of weakness and damage, it is also the study of strength and virtue.  Treatment is not just fixing what is broken, it is nurturing what is best within ourselves.' 


Martin Seligman

As a result, clients become progressively empowered and more resilient when meeting life’s challenges - both during and after therapy.

Comprehensive Client Care 

Clients and their families may require access to other specialist services.  To meet this need, I work with a range of leading professional colleagues, largely within London, who offer an array of expert professional services.  


These would include top General Practitioners and Psychiatrists, plus a variety of other senior medical consultants and nursing care facilities.  


More broadly, I’m happy to recommend educational services and expert legal teams when required.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.  

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